Assholes everywhere

I sure know how to pick them. A friend, who seems to pick me up and drop me at will, was invited to a Halloween party I threw.
He chose to take that opportunity to bash another close friend.
Not something I tolerate so he got, not so politely, asked to leave.
He vented his frustration on my jeep. Causing a whole pile of damage. 4K to be exact.
When I told the friend I had defended and he had attacked what happened she instantly jumped to “poor guy.”
Ummm….wtf? My whole brain is doing backflips right now trying to quantify the fact that I am vehicle-less because I defended a person who is now defending the person who did all the damage.
Im trying desperately to adjust my definition of loyalty so that it encompasses this event and I just cant do it. Obviously her loyalty lies with him so why the heck is my loyalty with her?

I sure know how to pick em.

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