Being disowned. Again.

My best friend just disowned me. Or at least I thought she was my best friend. In hindsight I think maybe she kept me around to make herself feel better about her life since mine is such a mess and she was happy to point that out frequently.
Part of me is heartbroken. Part of me is already over it.
I was uninvited to her wedding. Probably good since I don’t actually agree they should get married and I sense impending disaster if they do. But then, we aren’t friends anymore so that’s no longer my problem.
Really was it ever?

I was disowned because I disagreed with her. I was, admittedly, a bit brutal about it, maybe a bit more than a bit. In re-reading the conversation and obsessing like I always do Im realizing I talked to her the exact same way she’d talked to me dozens of times.  It was ok when she did it but once the tables were turned the attitude changed. I think my frustration of hearing the same sob story and drama over and over again just finally got to me.  I think the realization that she had lost her cheerleader got to her. I cant even decide if I’ll miss her. A lot of what has happened in the past few months made me question her loyalty one too many times and I think, by the time she’d decided my use was up, I had already started removing myself from the situation.
I’ll miss her kids though. They’re kind of awesome.


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