Psycho stress

Filled out my victims impact statement today. The nut goes to court on Sept 5.

A little backfill on the past couple months….Ive been a bit busy.
So the guy who basically managed to completely explode my life this summer when he wrecked my jeep also put me in hiding. Sort of.
A good part of me hoped he’d just show up and end it all and a the other part wanted to go underground and have all this go away.
Im ever the fighter, apparently, so giving up, although contemplated, was never really in my vocabulary.
The RCMP got further involved telling him to sever all contact with me or anyone I know, which he has done. Ive managed to get another job and am slowly digging my way out of this mess. My head is above water enough that I can catch a breath and brace for the next round anyway. Victims services has been fantastic, my best friend and basically adopted family has bailed me out financially, a few times now. Im finally back to work full time and have an income after a few months of nothing but expenses.
An unoccupied Mel is never a good thing. I don’t even know if the issues this summer would have been so massive and all encompassing had I been kept busy doing something else and unable to focus on them so much but the way it all unfolded guaranteed I had all the time in the world.
My brain seriously needs an off switch.

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