Thoughts and things

I had a very intersting discussion with a close and very intelligent friend of mine last night. It was one of those discussions that raises all kinds of shadowy thoughts and lingers in the back of your mind for a while after.
Probably because it hits very close to home for me.
Our discussion followed along the lines of: If kids arent told what they experienced just destroyed who they are and damaged them for all of eternity does it actually destroy and damage them?
Things that make you go hmmm…
Ive done a great deal of research on child abuse, partly because I, like anyone else who went through it, I just want to know Im not alone and partly because I find the resilience of children fascinating. In an age of “triggers” and “safe spaces from words” we have kids that have been lit on fire by those who are supposed to cherish them above all and you’d never know it aside from the scars. There are little girls wandering the world right now, completely normal, who have survived abuses grown women shudder to imagine. How does this even come to pass?
Is this because they block it out? Is that even really a thing? Or is that just a pretty way for psychologists to explain away the lack of damage that should be so apparent. The majority of serial killers lived normal lives, no abuses, no deep family secrets and their sociopathic behaviour still occured yet the abused child is the one scorned and patronized and avoided. Why is this? Why does society assume abuse produces psychosis? Why is anyone who, at one time was regarded as normal, shunned as soon as a past history of abuse is revealed?
While I understand there are different types of abuse I also know they are all lumped together by both pyschiatric circles and societal judgement.
You have to wonder if the abuse itself produces damaged people or the treatment of those around them produces it.
Would we all turn out normal if we were just treated as such?

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