Yet another do-over

I’ve been debating this whole process for a while. I’ve had blogs, all private, where I vented my frustrations and craziness and sought some sort of peace from the mess that is my life most of the time. They were all for me although I think now that I’ll retro-post them somehow. I’m unleashing my demons on the world. Good luck.

I seem to say that a lot. Everyone else seems to weather my demons better than I do.

I know, I’ve got no one else to blame, it’s all on me, I’m an adult for fucks sake. I’ll get back to that but right now I want to lay out some heavy blame, I want to cry the victim. I want it to be someone else’s fault that I cant get it together.
Tomorrow I’ll accept responsibility. Today I’m going to cry and stamp my feet and scream at the universe because fuck my life.


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