Ive missed a few days, been a bit busy and scattered but a bunch of stuff changed just recently and it’s taken me a few days to process.
And it’s all good stuff so Ive been happy. I tend to write and want to write when Im all angsty and emotional so have been living life instead of escaping it.
That wont last, it never does, but here’s the update from a happy me:
Ive always craved a bit of a nomad life, or rather a solitary self-sufficient life. Initially I was going to gather all the survival skills I might need and literally pull a McCandless and just wander off into the mountains someday and let fate decide if I made it. When you break that down it’s probably a pretty poorly veiled suicide attempt but Im only seeing that now because Im happy I think. At the time it had all the logic I needed and I worked hard for years to make it a reality. I would find a good place to build a cabin and live off the land although I was pretty determined to have a garden too. The sheer amount of stuff I would need to pull that off successfully pretty much guarantees it wouldn’t be successful but Im nothing if not a big dreamer.

Some small part of me is always thinking slightly in Prepper mode I think too. I don’t know why as I don’t actually think there will ever be a Zombie apocalypse but, if there is, you want me on your team. Believe it.  I think my interest in bushcraft and survival skills started as just wanting to have a skill set, should everything go sideways, that would help me survive and care for those I’d want to keep alive, that list has changed frequently but there at least tends to always be someone on it. I think that small part of me is sort of hoping for some massive world changing event. As though an entire world upset is necessary for me to get my life together. Maybe that’s what it will actually take as nothing else seems to work.

Recently Ive caught on to the Skoolie lifestyle which evolved, through some logic presented by my best friend Cheri, into an RV life. Essentially it involves full time living in an RV or skoolie, whatever the case my be.  It doesn’t necessarily mean a gypsy, travelling life, but it does offer me some measure of control over my environment, my own space and will change my expenses significantly. Ive latched on to this in my typical pitbull fashion and have spent countless hours looking at renovating and rebuilding how-to’s and cost breakdowns, since it’s unlikely I’ll ever be able to afford a brand new rig. Even more recently a potential RV presented itself and a friend of a friend of a friend seems to have one just hanging out in his backyard.
It’s weird how things work out sometimes.

So here I sit, enjoying my morning coffee and waiting to have a look at a slightly beat up 1977 Dodge RV(betting its a Champion Dreamer, based on his description but Im not positive and he doesn’t know). Im trying not to get too excited, trying not to have too many expectations, but it’s me.  At least Im used to some pretty crushing disappointments.

Im literally in a holding pattern, waiting to make my dream come true, and it’s so close I can almost touch it. How fantastic is that?

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