Uncharted territory

So I bought the RV. That might seem really minor to a normal person but I tend to dream big, talk bigger and lack significantly on the follow through.

I followed through.
Now Im trying not to panic.
On the upside it was a smoking great deal. On the downside I may have trouble getting it on the road legally.
That being said Ive never been one for being on the road legally.
That’s a joke. Please laugh!

Moving on… I now have to work out how Im going to get the work done and maybe decide exactly what I want done. It’s in better shape than I anticipated and a lot of my plans to renovate and rebuild revolved around things that were going to need to be fixed or built from scratch. It doesn’t really need much fixed so it feels almost like Im back at square one. For some reason that’s not easier for me than having it all half hashed out.
Initially my plan was to get an RV or skoolie livable then actually live in it while I converted or updated it and save on rent money while building my custom tiny home on wheels. Being back in the city has pretty much kyboshed that whole plan so now I need to revamp my money situation as I’ll be paying rent, getting my bills covered AND trying to renovate my new home.

To be honest I think Im still processing that I actually did it.

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