Busy Brain

Ive resorted to drugs again. I don’t know if this RV thing has killed what little remained of my ability to sleep or if my insomnia is just in high gear for no apparent reason but I loaded up on Melanin for the first time today. And joint aches and pains meds.
Im getting old and I cant sleep. Isnt life grand?
I spend most of my day in a weird no mans land between freaking out and being really excited. I think Im still waiting for this all to blow up in my face somehow as things always seem to.
Mostly Im really excited to just have the prospect of being able to go back to Olds an actual reality on the horizon rather than a pipe dream I craved but wasn’t sure I’d ever actually achieve.

Im not used to actually following through on anything really, and this is a biggie. I actually have to let go of almost all of what remains of my personal belongings which I always said I was going to do but now I actually have to do it.
Im praying it’s as mechanically sound as I was told. It’s a 1970’s 360 so I can pull wrenches on it myself but the diagnosing etc is probably still going to be a stretch. A piston and an exhaust leak sound the same to me. I’ll learn though, and I’ll learn quick. And well.

I always do.

Breaking down the costs is a little scary too. I need to be fully functional and road worthy by Sept but livable by June. I don’t think I’ll have solar by then. I just priced out the deep cycle batteries I need and that cost alone was a bit daunting. A genny was cheaper than I expected though so maybe it all balances out.
Time will tell I guess. Im glad to have something to focus on. A goal and a project even if it feels a little overwhelming and unorganized right now. Always trying to stay ahead of that tsunami right?

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