No fate but what you make

Im big believer in karma. I believe that if you are good to everyone around you that good things will come your way. I dont try to be good just so good things come my way (thus far that part is a bit slippery) but I love the feeling I get when I know Ive helped someone. I believe there is strength in it. I like going to bed every night knowing I have done at least one small kindness for someone during the day.
One of my proudest, and probably stupidest moments, occurred on the C-train headed downtown. Three drunk natives were hassling about five Sikh gentlemen calling them terrorists and bombers and all sorts of racial slurs and I listened to it, as did everyone else on the train, for about two stops before I lost it on them and erupted into some sort of screeching banshee of Canadian liberty. I ripped a strip off these very large, very inebriated guys for another two stops before they got scared I was going to call the police (or so they said) and got off the train. I was far too angry to even focus on my phone.  I apologized to the Sikh gents but shook until I got off the train so hard I could barely hold my phone. Out of sheer adrenaline I’d imagine as even one of those guys could have torn me apart with ease. I like to think that perhaps those Sikh fellows appreciated what I did. That perhaps I brightened their day a bit in that they knew not everyone found such behaviour acceptable and not everyone would stand for it. It just takes one ripple to start a wave.
It still pisses me off to know no one else on the train did anything. I have no idea how long that had been going on since it was already in progress when I got on. One passenger came and thanked me for intervening and all I could think was “why didnt you? why did I have to be the one to do it?”
But if not me…then who?
Change starts with you. Positive or negative all starts with your own behaviour and thoughts. I truly believe that you get back what you put into the world. Even if you cant see it over the big picture, the small smile right before bed makes it all worth it.

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