Moving on

For being really exceedingly good at making a disaster of my life I sure like to second guess every decision I make.
As I said, I thrive under pressure. I get shit done. Usually in record time.
In the space of a week Ive found a place to live and a job that’s already giving me more hours than Im getting at my present one and I only gave them three days to work with so far.
All two hours away from the bullshit I like to find in this city.

Now that it’s all in the works and actually happening Im panicking slightly.

It was one year ago that I ventured on this blogging platform. A good part as a way to vent at the time from a mess that I’d gotten myself into with the help of a guy Id tangled up with. It’s almost ironic that a year later Im back on the run for the same reason.
Perhaps ironic isnt the word. Stupid.
Stupid seems to fit a bit better.

On the upside Im ridiculously happy to be back closer to my bff who continues to be my anchor of sanity, despite her constant disapproving mother looks. Im excited to get back exercising again, perhaps I’ll start swimming again.
I just think I’ll want to be out in the world again and not constantly hiding in my dark corner hating my life and pretty much everyone in it.

Assuming of course all these arrangements Ive now made arent crazy and backwards and about to blow up in my face.
As my life tends to do at random moments.

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