One down

It’s been a while. Im really not very organized when it comes to maintaining this thing and it’s further hampered by the fact that I no longer have internet at home and my laptop screen kicked the bucket. Ive made the trip to the library to try and catch up.

Im still moved, still in my RV and still the same mess Ive been for my entire life. Exciting news right?

I do, however, have a new car that has pretty much become the focus of my existence and has somehow goaded me into trying to better everything else about my life. It’s odd how a piece of machinery has managed to do what dozens of people have tried and failed.

It’s an absolutely gorgeous car, Im in awe every time I see it and I feel entirely unworthy of it.

It’s the nicest thing Ive ever owned and I did it myself.  I dont think I can quite wrap my brain around that accomplishment, and it is an accomplishment and I should be proud. Instead Im waiting for the inevitable crash or to screw this up somehow as I always do. You’d think at some point I’d start getting something right? Just by odds alone. Time will tell I suppose.

No new news on the boy/man front. Im backing off that whole game I think just because my focus has completely changed.   Sort of a ‘one dream down, ten more to go” attitude that doesnt seem to leave any room or desire for romance. That’s not really on my dream list anymore. I dont know why. Maybe I just gave up. It’s easy to give up something that was never really an option anyway.


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