It feels like a lot has changed since my last post even though it’s only been a few days. The fact that Im talking to the dragon went public and the fallout from that was even more extreme than I expected. I crashed pretty hard as that social circle was torn apart again and sides were chosen and people I thought were solid flaked out like bad dandruff. All totally unnecessarily and like a rehash of some bad high school sitcom. Then I stepped back and realized none of that even matters. None of these half ass friends matter. None of this drama and part time life matter.

This isn’t my end game.

I had a bit of a breakdown on the dragon recently, as an extended manifestation the self worth nose dive from of losing a pile of friends suddenly, lamenting the waste of an IQ that could have accomplished so much. Maybe it could have even changed the world but instead is popping tops off beer and serving food to random strangers. His response stopped me dead in my tracks: “You are changing the world. You changed the world the day you called out of nowhere and stopped me from killing that bitch. I was on my way to kill her, I was on the road, and you stopped it so you never know. You are changing the world”

Wait a second…

Maybe it’s the little kindnesses that really do change things even if we don’t realize it’s happening. Those small butterfly wing flaps that turn into hurricane winds and change the world. He derailed my whole pity party internal dialogue. Days later Im still processing the scope of what he said.

I am changing the world. One small kindness at a time. And the best part? I dont even have to do anything unusual. This is just who I am.

And I can change things just being me.

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