Well hello there. Feels like it’s been an inordinate amount of time even though it’s really only been about a week. Lots has changed.

Lots. As usual my life is an out of control train barreling down the tracks at lightening speed just barely clinging to the rails.

I’ll try and cover it all but it’s a tangle to say the least so just mentally unravelling it enough to get it all out here is going to be a task and a half.

The dragon is living with me. For now. I dont think it’s a permanent situation but I wont complain if it is. I kinda like having someone around. My fitbit thinks Im sleeping something like 16hrs a day so apparently Im hella relaxed if nothing else. He and the dog have made friends so that’s nice.

Socially I think things might be even worse if that’s even possible although Im probably more ok with it by the day. Im kind of realizing that all of these people who have ditched me off never really factored in my life anyway. Having them gone hasnt really changed anything for me other than I know their gone.
Which, not gonna lie, still stings. These people were my friends, nearly my family, for over a decade, and like so many others in my past, just dropped me like garbage. History repeats. You’d think I’d be numb to it by now but Im not. It still stings like a mofo every time it happens despite happening pretty frikkin regularly. Maybe someday I’ll toughen up.
Maybe someday people will just stop throwing me away.

A girl can dream cant she?

So lets talk about how this arrangement occured. The dragon and his ex had a blow out. A blow out bad enough to result in a restraining order and all the goodies that go with that. At the same time he had to move out of his place. So he ended up here and that’s where things stand.

Post blow out his ex had the gall to come at me so that’s opened a whole new war. Really the timeline is: I got ready to bail. They had a blowout literally the same damn night. A week later she came at me, got shut down AND THEN decided to get a restraining order against him. A week after their actual fight and by fight he gave her ten stitches in the face…so ya.
But that’s all their drama. Not mine. I just ended up with a roommate out of the deal.

So, so far, Im winning lol We’ll see long that lasts. This is kind of what they do although I dont know if it’s ever gone this far before. I still think they’ll end up back together and when they do we all know where I’ll end up.
My masochistic self destructive streak still runs deep and fast.

So that’s where the chips all landed in the last week, it’ll be interesting to see how long they stay there.

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