Light, Dark and labels

There’s a weird trend in society right now. Everyone wants to be mentally ill. Everyone wants to be ‘neurodivergent.’ News flash: you are. But the way all these young people cling to the term is starting to drive me a little bit crazy.
See the irony there?

I suppose it comes back to that whole wanting to belong thing. That’s not bad at all and makes sense. Where it does go off the rails a bit is responsibility. Now these people can do whatever they want and just blame their apparent mental illness.

Ummm…that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

Firstly cognitive ability is a scale. A massive, mind bogglingly huge scale of which a very small portion is “neurotypical.” If you have anxiety you’re neurodivergent, if you have dyslexia, if you’re on the Aspergers scale, if you have a trauma brain you’re neurodivergent. Nearly everyone on the planet falls somewhere off the thin little neurotypical line. That doesnt mean you’re magical, or special.
It means you’ve got to learn to use the left handed scissors not that you get out of cutting things up.
To elaborate it simply means your tool set might not be what everyone else has to use. It might not be what society thinks you should have. It doesnt get you out of doing the work. It’s not a get out of life free card.
You just have to work harder.

Narcissim is a big thing on-line right now. Another pet peeve of mind. People are taking these psych terms and throwing them around and sticking them to people and events without really having any concept as to their true meaning. Your ex wasnt a narcissist simply because you fought a lot and he cheated on you.

Again: that’s not what this means, that’s not what any of this means! (insert facepalm here!)

Everyone has narcissistic traits and narcissistic behaviour. Yes, everyone. Everyone is not a true narcissist. That’s a whole different animal that I bet, if half of us ever truly met one, we’d have no idea. A true narcissist is characterized by a complete lack of empathy. Like a sociopath except they’re nearly incapable of hiding it. Coupled with extreme self involvement to the extent they don’t even acknowledge the world around them. They’re selfish on a level most of us cant fathom. Leaving a child to die if it meant messing up their outfit is something a narcissist would do. They’re so far outside the realm of normal that they’re nearly inhuman.

Dark empath is the anti-narcissist label floating around right now. Also not at all what a DE is. People online are a bit infuriating in their intentional ignorance. Has everyone forgotten how to even google things? The most basic levels of research (if it can even be called that) reveal that, if anything, a DE is almost worse than a narcissist. They rank high on the entire dark triad scale in psych. Not a good thing. Not a superpower to be used for the good of humanity. Not the defeater of the almighty narcissist. It’s just another unpleasant person that everyone else has to deal with. Like narcissists though, I think they’re probably pretty rare.

So no, your ex isnt a narcissist because he cheated on you and you didnt beat him because you’re a dark empath. Your ex is an asshole and you’re just another chick he cheated on. Sorry, not sorry.

Speaking of inhuman: the uncanny valley. It’s scary to think that humans have somehow acquired and maintained an inherent fear of things that look mostly human but arent in the same way we have a fear of snakes, spiders and deep water. We’ve genetically maintained these fears of things that can end our lives. But why almost human-ish things. Where did that fear come from? Was there, at some point in our history, something that looked mostly human that was taking us out? The fact that we have genetic memories/programming like this at all is baffling to me.

Neuroscience is fascinating. I wish I had the brain power to process how incredibly fascinating the brain really is. On the other hand, with all this oversaturation of misused terms Im starting to feel a bit like Tom Cruise and wondering maybe if it’s not all just a crock of nonsense. We have far more labels now than we’ve ever had. I cant decide if that’s good or bad.

Granted I dont supposed my opinion even matters much in the grand scheme of things.

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