A letter to myself

Not so much a letter as a bit of writing I can come back and read over and over again whenever my resolve starts to dip or Im hurting or starting to give in to those thoughts that lead me places I dont want to go. It sounds silly to say out-loud but each night before I go to sleep Ive started with affirmations. It started as a way to push out the negative, self doubting and self destructive thoughts that creep in so easily when Im alone and it works. It’s so simple and it works so well.

So Im sharing it here in hopes that it helps someone else. Dont mumble, dont whisper, dont hide it. Say it loud and proud. Fake it if you have to, fake it until you feel it. It’ll feel silly at first. Do it anyway.

I cried when I started this. I still cry when Im low. That’s ok. You’re allowed to feel. Do it anyway.

If you remember nothing else in your life, nothing from all of my story or my efforts to over come a mountain of damage remember this: Be careful what you say to yourself, you’re listening.
So here goes….

“I am worthy of love.

I am not the judgement of others and those judgments do not define me.

I trust my own feelings and thoughts.

I am stronger than anyone will ever know and I can overcome anything.

I deserve good things. I deserve happiness.

I deserve to heal and to take whatever steps I see fit to make that happen.

I am not a product of my past. I am not a victim, I am a survivor.

I can transcend anything.

I cannot control outside events and forces but I can control how I react to them.

I am enough.

I am worthy.”

You can come up with your own if you need to hear something else. Write them down. Repeat them until you dont need to read them anymore. Read them when you need it and when you dont think you do.

Love yourself even if you think no one else will or does. Even if you feel all alone in the world, even if you are all alone in the world. You are worthy of love but it starts with you. It all changes with you. You can do this. Believe you can.

Ive resolved to accept no more distractions on this journey of mine. I have goals and Ive been my own biggest roadblock, my own worst saboteur, that stops now. I am enough. I am worthy.

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