Life update #713

Hey everyone, it’s been a minute! This is quite overdue and a whole lot has changed in the past few months.

Firstly I moved. My new house, while in probably the worst part of town, is gorgeous and all windows and so filled with sunshine it’s amazing to wake up in. I absolutely love it here. My landlord is an adorable little elderly Filipino man who just runs properties so there’s no concern of it selling any time soon so Ive got a bit of stability which is so reassuring. How did this all come to pass you ask? Let me tell you…
I think I covered that my prior rental was for sale in a previous post but it sold, if that part wasnt covered. Now I was in a lease and assured I didnt have to move but, as also mentioned, the relationship with the upstairs neighbours had deteriorated significantly as well. To the extent they were calling the landlord every time I had company and reporting a “party” (insert eye roll here!) As a result the new landlord came running to check the damage the day after I’d had a few people over to play darts (5 people that were gone by 11:30) and, while there, mentioned repeatedly that his family wanted my apartment. Obviously there was no damage, they had no reason to kick me out but, being me, I was right annoyed that the upstairs people, who previously would be playing darts too, now felt the need to call in a report.
So i got mad, called the landlord the next day and told him I would move out. Not the most mature way to handle it but whatever…
Anyway, I then called some old landlords who hooked me up with my current landlord who had two places to look at and I chose the one Im in now.

And I couldnt be happier it all turned out like that. I love my new house. Love, Love, Love it!!

It’s turning me into a plant hoarder though. One step forward, two steps back lol

Ive also changed jobs. Im back bartending at a one-step-up-from-a-dive-bar style bar. It’s a ton of fun and I love it. Im finally back working full time hours so I can pay my bills with ease now. That’s a huge weight off since the new place is significantly more expensive than the old one.

The dragon made a very brief reappearance with the same bullshit story he’s been using for the past year, “please help me get off drugs and get my life together so I can see my daughter,” he made no effort, if anything he got worse, refused to even try, continued to hang out with addicts and started bringing them into my house so that situation deteriorated as well to the extent that police are now involved. So that’s a good time as always. I barely tolerated his existence this round and feel not one whit of guilt for kicking him out of my life. He’ll be dead in a ditch soon enough. Not my monkeys not my circus anymore.
I feel bad for his family though. They’re amazing, loving people and he’s just dragging them all through the garbage bin that is the life he chooses to live.

The almighty Himself has also made a comeback just over a month ago. He’s been mentioned a lot in this blog but to recap he’s the guy Ive been sleeping with off and on for the past 13 years. Whenever either of us attempts to date we stop and when we’re single it continues. I think it’s pretty much the perfect situation for both of us. We both live our own lives most of the time and have an absolute blast when we’re together. And the sex is mindblowing. So now Im getting the attitude banged out of me on the regular which is never a bad thing.

I think that pretty much covers it all. Im still loving my life, still happy and getting happier and ore relaxed with each passing day ❤

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