So I had thought the dragon would fade into the sunset. End of story, end of games. End of bullshit and I could carry on happily with my peaceful and happy life.

It appears he’s got no intention of going away quietly and has decided his best course of action is to sick his little addict friends on me. What a lovely way to wake up in the morning! In any event I guess I’m now filing EPO paperwork. Third party threats, in writing no less, are all the evidence I need.

Sad that it came to this but I’m far from one to back down from a fight. Now I’m mad. Madder than I was when he cost me tons of money and used me as a crash pad. There’s already a call into the police and I suppose I’ll call his ex later today and fill her in on his goings on. He needs to get locked up. He’s not going to get clean otherwise.

And apparently not going to leave me alone either. Even with that piece of paper he torments his other exes at every opportunity.

Meth is a helluva drug.

I’ve come back to this…just in the course of a few hours the info I’m working with has changed.

Initially I was mad. Livid. Ready to tear apart his whole universe with one call to his ex, the mother of the daughter that he claims to miss so much. One phone call that would decimate him mentally and financially. I can destroy his world. I know I can. I’m trying really hard not to be that person.

I don’t start fights but I end them. Brutally and with a finality that’s unmatched by most people. I know I’ve got that in me and I try very hard not to unleash it.

I talked to his boss. I wanted confirmation that I didn’t come across as trying to get him fired. His boss confirmed that he never thought that. Apparently he quit, refuses to return messages and just dropped off the planet. Far from me “getting him fired” as he’s so fond of telling people, he ran away like a little bitch and is blaming me for it.

It’s ok. I can take that. The issue now becomes what is he doing to make money. I suspect he’s back doing all the things he quit when he reconnected with me. The stuff he stopped because of my allergy. The stuff that’s going to get him killed.

So now what. That thought took all the wind out of my sails. He needs to be locked up if for no other reason than to save him from himself. He won’t stop otherwise. He’ll die and he knows it and everyone in his life just enables his self destruction.

And I went from being full on psycho fight mode to heartbroken. Not enough to contact him. That ship sailed and sank and he won’t be allowed back in my universe ever again but I’m heartbroken for his family. For his daughter. For him.

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