Pulling the pin

I got told today that I am not god.
I replied, “We’ll see.”
Now for some context it was the dragons mother who told me I was not god after I told her he needs to get locked up because he would not get clean any other way. Her first concern was for his new puppy, second that he’ll die trying to get clean although in the same breath she denies he even does meth.

Seriously? The guy has three current EPO’s, has beaten two women and a police officer, is a meth addict with no intention of getting clean and you’re worried about a puppy he’s just as likely to beat to death as he is care for?

People are baffling to me.

Things are humming along. I feel like I spend more time at the courthouse filing various things than I do anywhere else now. Im not scared anymore. Im resolved to make sure the dragon never even considers contacting me again. Ever. I dont even want an apology. He pulled the pin on the grenade that is me and opened this whole fight up. All I wanted was for him to go away. He hasnt contacted me since that one threat as I imagine it only took him sobering up to realize his mistake but the pieces are in play now regardless.

As I said before it’s on fate and Karma to determine the outcome. Nothing I have done has been with malicious intent but there’s a finality to every single piece of paper Ive filed and every single move Ive made in the last couple weeks that will, if everything goes right, bring the full force of the legal system down on him in a way that should have happened years ago. His second ex might not have needed stitches if this had all happened earlier. He may not have terrorized and abused as many as he has in the intervening years and his poor daughter might not have needed quite so much therapy. Hell, he might not have even ended up a meth addict if this had happened years ago. I cant turn back time but I can try and rectify all the mistakes that were made. My Karma and conscience are clean. Im content with that knowledge.

But if this all goes the way it should I might be god after all ✨

In better news I get to keep my house. I was a little worried after the repeated CPS visits (and them quite literally breaking into the house) that the landlord would just be over all the nonsense and tell me to get the hell out. I just moved in after all. I probably would have told me to get out had I been him but Im more of a hardass than most. He didnt seem phased, he collected the rent without issue and told me he talked to the neighbours so I didnt need to worry. I had also tried to talk to them but dont think they were very convinced I am not a mob boss/criminal mastermind of some sort. The one neighbour is an insane busy body, concerned that he cant see my car or tell when Im home. Like dude…it’s none of your goddamn business. Put the binoculars down FFS! The landlord seems unconcerned about their opinions so that’s great. I love it here and only seem to love it more as I get new furniture and fill it full of all my things.

Im also now permanent at work, having been finally entered into the POS system as an actual employee. They’re also aware of all of this crap and dont seem bothered. I love my job and am super excited to carry on working there.

I did have a back up plan to move back out of the city but Im thankful Im not going to have to do it. My life is coasting along exactly how I want it. All the things Ive worked so hard to achieve are happening and it’s amazing.

As far as other projects Im currently writing an article on domestic violence that I hope to get published but we’ll see how that goes. The discrepancies between the CPS responses and the court expectations arent acceptable and people (men, women and children) are paying with their lives. Something has to change. I might not actually change much but I can try and raise awareness and get the ball rolling. Besides it gives me something valid to direct my brain at which is never a bad thing.

Not much else to report. Im off to enjoy the snow and deliver homemade bread and stew to a sick friend.

Love and Light ❤

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