Taking out the garbage

Ive always grown up believing that you need to surround yourself with as many opposing opinions as possible so that you always have new information available. So that you’re always learning. As I get older Im finding I dont think that’s true anymore. Some opinions just dont belong in my world. There are situations where there will never be a middle ground and that’s ok but there’s no reason for me to tolerate it.

I generally consider myself right leaning politically. Im somewhat conservative, very libertarian, whichever way that goes. Im a big believer in wanting everyone to be happy, not interfering with that happiness and defending anyone’s right to find it with every thing I have. That attitude encompasses everything. I dont care about your sexuality as long as no one is getting hurt. I dont care about your gender, political beliefs, religion, socioeconomic status etc etc etc. You do you.
Rock on with your bad self.
Where Im running into disagreements now is that the whole world is so extreme. So polarized. Men hate women but want to control them. Women hate men but still want them to pay the bills and open doors. The whole world has gone mad. And, being who I am, Im fighting people about it far too much over it. To the extent that Im just letting it go now and removing people who hold these outlandish, in my opinion, views and just carrying on with my life.

I will never have a problem with peoples skin colour. Ever. There is no reason for me to tolerate racists. Ever. I will never think pedophilia is ok nor is any grooming behaviour. Grooming behaviour is clear. If you support it we cant be friends. I recently had a battle on a conservative politicians page, a woman at that, who was anti-abortion. No. Take your bullshit views out of my life. My misogynistic friend defends one of the most toxic media personalities. Im done discussing it. There is no situation where I will think a woman deserved to be raped and to think so is supporting rape culture. Should she know better than to walk on the bad part of town alone? Sure but she doesnt deserve to get raped over it. Those situations are the smallest percentage of assaults anyway. Im just done with the whole attitude. Im done arguing with people whose opinions I will never agree with or support.

And I dont even feel bad about it. I think I have a wide enough social circle that my world view will not be narrowed simply by removing people that are ok and militant about having opinions that cause harm to someone.

Moving on…

Not much else has changed. Orphans christmas went well. Lost of partying and not much food eaten but it was still fun. I think Id do it again. We’ll see where I am next year.

Ive decided that I need to win the lottery and Im tired of working. I still love my job but burnout is real and Ive been working so much I just need a break. Himself and I have a pact that if one of us wins the other is all set as well so Ive doubled my chances (insert laugh here lol)

No word on the dragon thankfully. Apparently his truck is sitting in impound, still registered under my name. Or it was anyway. Ive sorted that out so someone else can pay the fines. Not my monkeys not my circus.

Really not much else to report. Almost new years for whatever that’s worth. Ive never been one for resolutions or the whole “new year, new me” thing. Im quite happy with who I am now. I think I’ll just keep the me Ive already worked so hard to create.

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